What are you holding on to? It’s time to let it go…

It's a full moon, it's time to let go...

Are you holding on to old clothes that don’t fit? Old papers that you don’t really need? Makeup that expired years ago? Maybe even excess weight? Well today there is a full moon and, although you can choose to start letting go of things that no longer serve you at any given time, the full moon is traditionally a time of release.

I don’t know about you but, I love a good ritual. A little added meaning motivates me into action. As the full moon symbolically sheds her light, waning toward the new moon part of her cycle, it’s the perfect time to declutter, start a cleanse, or end a relationship that’s making you miserable.

Sit quietly for a few minutes with your journal and make a list of things that are no longer serving you. You don’t have to let go of everything today if that idea overwhelms you. (Overwhelm tends to cause inaction, in my experience.) Rather, pick one item on your Release List to tackle today. It can be as simple as cleaning out the junk drawer in your kitchen or bathroom. You can do this in less than 30 minutes (set a timer!) and you’ll be amazed at how much relief you feel when you look down into your freshly organized drawer that now contains only things that are currently useful to you. Of course, you can always do more if you feel up to it, the point is to be satisfied with cleaning out just that one drawer (or whatever achievable goal you set for yourself today) and celebrate that you did something good for yourself.

A Few Simple Full Moon Rituals

In addition to taking action to let something go today, here are a few simple rituals that will bolster that feeling of release:

  • Take a shower. As the water runs over you, cleansing your body, imagine it is a golden light that is washing away the negative energies that are clinging to you. If you have scented candles, incense or essential oils with an uplifting or calming aroma, incorporate some aromatherapy into your shower. (This is also the perfect time for a little homemade sugar scrub.)
  • Take a detox bath. You can simply soak in epsom salt infused water to release muscle tension, or add a few more ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen (baking soda, sea salt, apple cider vinegar) and your favorite essential oil for a fabulous detoxifying soak session. This wikiHow article walks you through the process.
  • Drink more water. Increasing your water intake will aid the detox process if you decide to do the detox bath. It also helps your body get rid of waste by improving your digestion, keeping your kidneys healthy, and increasing your metabolism.
  • Burn your Release List. Making a list of all the things that you want to let go of is a useful part of the process but, reviewing that list can be daunting and drag you down. So, have a little burning ceremony to symbolically release each item even if you haven’t tackled it physically yet. There’s something so satisfying in this practice. If you’re in an area where you can do this outside under the full moon that’s the best but it’s okay to do it inside as long as the intention is there. Either way, take the proper precautions to keep the fire contained; I like to have a bowl of water next to the candle to drop the burning bits of paper into. As you burn your list, set the intention that you are letting all of this go and ask God/the angels/your higher self (whatever feels right for you) for the strength to physically let go of all of these things that no longer serve you.

So, what full moon inspired activity am I doing today?

I’m starting a 5 Day Bowel Detox program today with my husband. I used to do this cleanse once a year but it’s been a few years now since the last time. I’ve packed on some excess weight (on top of my excess weight) over the last couple years and, while releasing that weight will take time and exercise and dietary changes (which we’ve been doing sporadically) this cleanse is always a wonderful jump start for three reasons: 1) It makes me reach my daily water drinking goals (the cleanse involves taking herbal capsules 5x a day and you have to drink at least 16oz of water with each dose) … 2) I eat cleaner during the cleanse and usually continue to eat cleaner in the weeks following the cleanse since I end up feeling so good … 3) Releasing all the gunk stored in my intestines makes me feel lighter and moves the needle on the scale which motivates me to keep eating clean and exercising to prolong the good-feeling and keep that needle moving.

I’m also a bit of a clutter-bug. I admit it. I really don’t want to be though, I feel much better in a clutter-free environment. (I think it’s a rare person who actually feels calm and relaxed among clutter.) I declutter in starts and stops, because I tend to want to do it all at once and then get overwhelmed because it’s not really possible to do it all in one go. Remember, (I’m talking just as much to myself here as I am to you,) you don’t have to do everything today. The full moon is starting to release her light today, start your release today too and continue letting go as she wanes.

The rest of this week I will be more focused on decluttering my environment:

  • Putting away my clothes. (They’re clean and folded, just not in my drawers or closet.)
  • Cleaning the bathroom / decluttering the bathroom counter. (I just got a new organizer for my makeup, yay!)
  • Decluttering my bedroom. (This will probably take the rest of the week, it’s a big job.)

What will you be doing today and/or this week to shed whatever is weighing you down? Share with us in the comments below so we can motivate each other.

Here’s to letting go! xoxo

Jilienne Rose

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