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What are you holding on to? It’s time to let it go…

It's a full moon, it's time to let go...

Are you holding on to old clothes that don’t fit? Old papers that you don’t really need? Makeup that expired years ago? Maybe even excess weight? Well today there is a full moon and, although you can choose to start letting go of things that no longer serve you at any given time, the full moon is traditionally a time of release. Continue reading What are you holding on to? It’s time to let it go…

Do You Have Too Much on Your Plate?

Life is a buffet and I've got too much on my plate.

Life is a buffet and I’ve got too much on my plate. (Can you relate?)

No one loaded my plate up for me, I did this to myself. I wanted a little bit of this, a little bit of that… oh! this looks good too… I wonder if I’ll like that? I’ll try a bit and see… I’m not sure if I really want this but so many other people are enjoying it so I’ll give it a try… and maybe just a bit of that… and oh! here are the desserts!  Continue reading Do You Have Too Much on Your Plate?

Why So Serious?

Blog Post - Why So Serious?

Seriously. Why do I take myself so seriously? Do you do that too?

It’s the oddest thing, because I love to laugh. I love silliness. In fact, people who are secure enough in themselves to be silly in public are some of my favorite people! And I don’t know how many times over the years I’ve said the key to my sanity is that I don’t take life too seriously. Continue reading Why So Serious?

Baby Steps Are Good

Baby steps are good.

Baby Steps are good. Baby steps are fine. Baby steps are necessary. This is what I have to keep reminding myself whenever I feel like I’m not moving fast enough or efficient enough. At some point (I don’t think I was always like this) I came to believe that I have to have everything figured out, ready to be executed perfectly, before I can share my creation/service/performance with anyone. Obviously this is an aspect of my perfectionism, an aspect that I am actively trying to overcome.

I keep reminding myself that it’s okay to stumble, I don’t have to take off at a full sprint. In fact, it’s not only okay, it’s preferable. You’ve gotta walk before you can run, right? Continue reading Baby Steps Are Good

Be Your Own Valentine

Be your own Valentine! Show yourself some love this Valentine's Day!
BE YOURS: Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day brings up a lot of issues for people, whether single or in a relationship, because there’s just so much romantic expectation heaped onto this one day.  If you’re single, Valentine’s Day can be depressing because you’re surrounded by reminders that you don’t have a partner; if you’re in a relationship there’s pressure (mostly on the man) to create some grand gesture of love, possibly even to propose, and so much potential for disappointment if it doesn’t live up to their partner’s romantic fantasies. But I’ve got good news, there is a way to get out of the Valentine’s Day trap: Continue reading Be Your Own Valentine