Stop Waiting For The Perfect Time

The perfect time may never come, do it anyway.
The timing may never feel perfect, do it anyway. (Photo Credit: Noer)

Have you ever put off something in your life that you really wanted to do simply because you were waiting for the “right” or “perfect” time to do it?

That’s exactly what happened to me. I decided to go easy on myself and not stick to a weekly blogging schedule but, it turns out, I took it too far. I left waaay too much space for Resistance to creep in and support my procrastination with all kinds of silly “reasons” why the timing wasn’t right to jump back in just yet. And the longer I put it off, the more reasons (*cough* excuses *cough cough*) I thought of to continue putting it off. Resistance is a self-feeding monster.

Deep down, when I quiet my mind and listen to the voice of my intuition, I understand the paradox of Divine Timing: the timing may never feel perfect and yet everything happens at the “right” time. The “right” time is whenever you do it, even if you don’t feel ready. “Feel the fear and do it anyway” or, simply “just do it” is really the best advice for breaking free from the grasp of the Resistance monster.

Ask practically any parent, they’ll tell you you will never be prepared to have a child and yet in the same breath they’ll tell you it’s the best thing that will ever happen to you. If you really want something you have to take action, however imperfect it may be, and correct your course as you go. I’ll admit, I’ve been putting off having children, waiting for circumstances to be “perfect” but, if I keep doing that, I’ll never have kids. And I want to have kids. At some point (soon-ish) I’m going to have to stop waiting for my idea of perfection and go for it, trusting that whenever it happens is a good time. Otherwise, I could be waiting forever.

But, this post isn’t about having kids. Well, sort of maybe, I’m talking more about the children of our creativity. Our passion projects. For creative souls, expressing yourself (in whatever art form that may be,) is like giving birth. And the bigger the project (whether actually big or just big from your own perspective) the scarier it is to move forward with it. What if you’re not ready? What if it doesn’t turn out right? What if? What if? What if? Well, you deal with it. You adapt. You learn and you grow. Making mistakes is the best way to learn.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, it does have to be done… It doesn’t have to be perfect, it does have to be done… It doesn’t have to be perfect, it does have to be done…

I’ve been repeating this phrase to myself over and over again like a mantra these last few weeks, gearing up to write this post. Whenever I go a few weeks (or, in this case, months, yikes!) between posts, there is just so much (self-imposed) pressure to make it EPIC. No one ever said every single one of my blog posts had to be profound. Most of them probably won’t be. Of course I hope you’ll get some sort of value out of each post, whether purely entertainment or a spark of insight, but they can’t all be masterpieces – that’s just crazy.

Really, I’m the only one holding myself to this incredibly high standard. My most popular posts, the ones that sparked the most “aha moments”, are the posts that just poured out of me; the ones I didn’t overthink. Whenever I’ve held myself to a weekly schedule, it gets easier and easier to write something, anything, and hit Publish to share it with the world. On the other hand, the longer I go between posts, the more I overthink and second guess myself, publishing a new post becomes incredibly difficult.

I meditated on this dilemma and my mind served up the image of baseball versus football. (Gee, I wonder why? … Could it be because this is the time of year when the two sports overlap?) In baseball, there are SOOO many games played each year (162 regular season games) so, whenever your team has a bad outing, it’s easier to brush off the loss because there will be another game tomorrow, another chance to win. In football however, there are only 16 regular season games so, each game is important; each game could potentially make or break the entire season.

Now, obviously I’m not competing for some sort of blogger championship trophy. (Is there even such a thing? My competitive side just perked up.) My point is, when you’re constantly and consistently putting your art out there (and this could apply to anything: writing, painting, jewelry-making, pottery…) there might be a few stinkers, a few bad outings but, they will quickly be followed by your next potentially brilliant performance and the bad outings will soon be forgotten.

With this in mind, I’m recommitting to a weekly blog posting schedule. Starting today. I may not always post on Wednesday, I have a feeling the specific day may move around a bit until I find the best fit but, I’m not letting that stop me. If you want to see where this takes me, sign up for my newsletter to get the latest posts in your inbox no matter which day of the week they go live.

Now, I know I jumped around in this post a bit, mixing metaphors of monsters with giving birth and sports so, to sum it all up…

It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done. 

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Just do it.

(Psst, I made these phrases tweetable so you can simply click on them to share your favorites with your followers.)

Pick a mantra, pick your battle cry, push through your resistance and share your art.

Rinse and repeat.

xoxo, Jilienne Rose

 What did this post bring up for you? I’d love to know.

Share in the comments if there is something you’ve been putting off and let us know the first step you will take to make your vision a reality.

Or, maybe you’ve already overcome procrastination and have some valuable tips to share?

Let’s get a dialogue going (either here or in my Facebook group) and help keep each other accountable. Let’s DO this!

2 thoughts on “Stop Waiting For The Perfect Time”

  1. I love this! ! This is exactly how i feel :/ always waiting for the right time, when in reality we have to make it the right time, i been thinking of having a child, and i always used to tell myself “im not ready”, it gets a bit annoying when family,friends keep asking me …when am i having kids,or that i should have one because I’m getting old. …
    But what about what i want, i have to really ask myself at times, “am i ready, should i have one just because i feel like i have to, will it make me happy. ..😥 but i been thinking about it alot ,about having a family of my own, it’s scary 😨 but we are never ready ….we just have to learn to grow with changes in our lifes..sometimes it’s hard though ….😌
    Anywho i enjoyed reading your blog today 👍💖

    1. Exactly, Dora! It’s about what YOU want. Some people don’t want to have kids and that’s fine. Not everyone needs to have kids. Don’t do it because you feel like you have to, do it only if YOU want to. (And really, you could apply this as a metaphor to many aspects of life.) There’s an Anais Nin quote I love that keeps coming to mind: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” At some point, your desire to have children (or to go forward with a passion project) will outweigh the fear of change. <3

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