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Justin encouraging the crowd to sing along. Blue October at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA 03/29/14
Blue October at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA 03/29/14 – Justin encouraging the crowd to sing along.

There’s something magical about singing along with a band and hundreds of other concert-goers, it feels like you’re connected with everyone in the room. For me, it’s similar to singing along with hymns in church, or chanting together with a room full of kundalini yoga practitioners. It’s a spiritual experience. And I love it!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending my first Blue October concert. The band put on an amazing show, it was wonderful! But half the experience of going to a concert is being part of the crowd and, I have to say, Blue October fans are some of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet. Most of them know all the lyrics to every song and sing along, so you’re surrounded by voices joining with Justin’s. And they’re so warm and welcoming, too! There’s a reason they call themselves the Blue Family. They truly have become a family unit, spread across the country, some having never met in person but communicating constantly through social media like distant relatives who’ve discovered they’re related. It’s fascinating how music connects us, how we instantly feel a bond with someone over the shared love of a song.

Have you ever thought about why audiences want to hear the same songs over and over again, while they might heckle a comedian for repeating a joke? (I have musician friends and comedian friends, so this topic has come up before.) I think with comedy a lot of the pleasure of an audience member comes from being surprised into laughter. Sure, you might have your favorite jokes that you’ll recite along with the comedian, smiling and chuckling… but to get a real guffaw you need to be caught off guard. With music, however, a lot of the pleasure comes from familiarity: swaying to the rhythm you know so well, singing along… and if it’s a complex piece, it might take many listenings to peel back the layers and focus on different instruments until you’ve really heard the whole thing… and then you love it even more.

That’s why I love going to concerts! Each one is a new way to hear your favorite songs and, really, it’s a new way to experience your favorite songs! I like to to prepare for a concert by listening to the artist’s music on the way to the show, to get into that particular vibe and brush up on my lyric knowledge because I really look forward to singing along. Chances are, a lot of the other concert-goers have prepped in a similar fashion and it’s easy to feel comfortable in a crowd that’s basically on the same wavelength as you. And whenever you’re in a room with a bunch of passionate people with a shared passion that you can join in, it’s an awesome experience… magical… spiritual.

Do you agree?  If you’ve had a spiritual concert experience (or many!) I’d love for you to share your story in the comments below.


Jilienne Rose

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