The daughter of an artist and a musician, I’ve always loved being creative and being around creative people!  My dream job as a child was “All-Around Artist”, a career that would somehow combine drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, singing, dancing, acting… basically anything I thought of as an Art. (I would still love to have this job!)  Instead, I ended up listening to the advice of career counselors who said I had to pick something to focus on so, I decided to study fashion design thinking it combined enough of my creative loves to keep me satisfied.

I really enjoyed college (all the art projects, eek!) and graduated summa cum laude with a double major BFA in Fashion Design and Marketing but, when I started interviewing for jobs in the Fashion Industry, I realized it was not the right fit for me. Since I used to love making jewelry with my mom, I expanded my job search to the jewelry industry figuring my education in fashion and marketing would translate. (Spoiler alert: it did!)

I wound up getting a job with a wonderful jewelry designer who was just starting out and willing to give me a chance. We made such a great team that I ended up working with her for over 10 years!  However, as my responsibilities grew in that position, I let my creative hobbies get put on the back-burner in favor of vegging out at the end of a long day. I just never had the energy anymore… and that really bothered me.

It turns out I needed a big wake-up call to snap me out of my static life; That wake-up call came in the form of a pretty serious car accident a couple years ago. I ended up with a broken pelvis but it could have been much worse. I am so thankful I didn’t need surgery to heal, just quite a bit of time. That accident really put things into perspective for me: I needed to stop putting off my creative pursuits and my entrepreneurial dreams, because you never know how much time you have left on this planet. That accident was the push I needed to quit my day job.

It was difficult to leave after all this time, we’d forged such a strong bond and I was good at what I did but, it was time for a change. I learned so much while helping her grow this young creative business because it required wearing a lot of different hats (which did keep things interesting!) One of my many hats was Director of Sales & Marketing and another was In-House Copywriter, both of which highlighted my love of writing, crafting sentences to communicate clearly, to evoke emotion. Now I’m striking out on my own as a Freelance Copywriter, so I can nurture my creative soul while helping other creative souls nurture their business.

I know it’s not easy to be a creative entrepreneur, there are many more psychological blocks to your success because you’re really putting yourself out there, your products and services are YOU. I have these same struggles and have been on a path of personal development for quite a while now, working through these blocks. This blog is my way of sharing my journey, in the hopes that you will have an “aha moment” or two that help you make some leaps on your own path.

I hope you will enjoy reading my posts as I work through my personal fears, limiting beliefs and creative blocks.  Maybe you’ll even learn something about yourself along the way! 🙂


Jilienne Rose